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The reasons why water purifier has soared in popularity charts

Previously clean supply of drinking water was easy, but nowadays it has become tricky. Not only the levels of water pollution are high but human population is increasing at a rapid rate. This has gone on to lead to a situation of over exploitation of water paving way for water pollution. Has the thought ever stuck you on where does the industrial along with kitchen waste go? Most of them make their way into water which alters the physical, biological along with chemical properties of water. If you drink contaminated water it can lead to occurrence of water borne diseases. They are responsible for millions of deaths every year. So it is advisable to drink pure and healthy water. To avail pure drinking water you need a water purification system. Choose one where the service levels are excellent. Eureka Forbes customer care has generated a lot of positive reviews within a short span of time. They are rated to be one among the best water purification systems in India as it removes all the impurities that are present in water. For drinking purposes 100 % safe and pure water is assured. With the various brands of water purifier available in India the selection becomes a wee bit difficult. If you possess the proper knowledge about water purifier it becomes easy to choose one. Here are some handy tips that make the purchase of a water purifier easy.

Water source

When you are selecting a water purifier for your home, role of water impurities or water source is important as different water contaminants can pave way for various diseases. Water is embedded with biological, chemical and physical properties which have the ability to cause various water borne diseases.

The types

Various types of water purifiers are available in the market, like UV, RV etc. All of them have one single objective which is to remove the impurities from water. With RO you go on to remove the dissolved contaminants from the impurities but it goes on to eradicate the microbial impurities present in water. In case of a UV water purifier you are going to remove the microbial impurities and with all the dissolved impurities it is not going to deal. So this type of water purifier is suitable for homes which receive a major chunk of microbes.

Storage capacity

Since water purifiers are available in various storage capacities, you need to be aware of your requirements. It works out to be a place where you store purified water. Many brands of water purifiers are available in the market that does not have the intended storage space. They are available in 7, 8 or 9 litres capacity.

Warrant and cost

The cost of a water purifier would vary according to the budget you have in mind. It is advisable to search for a water purifier based on your needs. Most companies have varied warranty periods, so it is better to  check for warranty period before you purchase one.

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